I am new to the blogging community but, as my family tree has grown, I decided that this is the best way to share my findings and make new connections.
I have been interested in genealogy in about 30 years and have worked on it off and on during that time.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weeding in the Garden

I attended an interesting meeting today of the Frederick County Genealogical Society (FRECOGS). It was a panel discussion and Q&A session on using technology for genealogy. I got inspired again and decided that I needed to update my blog. A few weeks ago, I did some cleaning and straightening up in my office; I had papers everywhere! I was able to sort out what to keep and the genealogy papers then got sorted by surname. They are in the file cabinet, so at least I know where they are now and they won't get scattered around again. My next step will be to take out one surname folder at a time to look over what papers have information that I have not entered into my genealogy software and get them filed properly. Baby steps, just like weeding the real garden.

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